BMW 3er Limousine

BMW: these models have hybrid propulsion

BMW 3er Limousine

After the 5 series, there will also be mild hybrid vehicles in the BMW 3 series and in the BMW X3 and BMW X4 series. Starting in spring this year, mild hybrid technology will be used as standard on the 320d Sedan, BMW 320d Touring, BMW 320d xDrive Sedan and BMW 320d xDrive Touring, as well as the BMW X3 xDrive20d and BMW X4 xDrive20d. BMW introduced the first mild hybrid models in all four BMW 520d variants in autumn last year.

BMW Mild Hybrid Technology – What Exactly Is It?

BMW’s mild hybrid technology creates greater possibilities for using brake energy recovery. For this, suitably equipped vehicles are equipped with a particularly powerful 48-volt starter generator and an additional battery. The energy recovered during coasting and braking can no longer only be used to supply electrically operated vehicle functions, but also to generate additional motive power.

In figures, this means: The starter generator generates additional power of up to 8 kW (11 PS), for greater dynamism when starting and accelerating from a standstill. While driving, the additional electrical thrust can be used to support the combustion engine. In addition, the starter generator ensures a low-vibration shutdown and a faster and therefore more comfortable restart of the combustion engine if the automatic start-stop function is used when stopping at intersections or in a traffic jam.

Recovery ensures additional performance

During braking, the combustion engine shuts down at a speed lower than 15 km / h. The kinetic energy generated during the further deceleration to standstill is then used in what is known as recovery. At speeds of up to 160 km / h, the combustion engine is no longer idling in inertia mode, but is completely deactivated. This navigation function is available in Comfort and Eco-Pro modes.