¡Bob y Mushroom están de vuelta!  Look de tendencia a la Keira Knightley & Agyness Deyn

Bob and Mushroom are back! Trendy look a la Keira Knightley & Agyness Deyn

Bob and Mushroom are back!  Trendy look a la Keira Knightley & Agyness Deyn

wantedthe 02/06/2013 | 10:25

Spring cleaning is the order of the day! This doesn’t just apply to your home, but your hair too! Because this year the motto is again “Snap, snap – take off your hair!” For the hairstyle of all the hairstyles that we do not get tired of: the bob! Whether short or long, with bangs or with a strict side parting, there are no limits to your wishes with this hairstyle.

Celebrities in particular love the bob, because despite its length it can be worn in many ways: sometimes cheeky, sometimes classy, ​​and wonderfully decorated like a girl with some waves. Rihanna, Katie Holmes, Keira Knightley – the list of those who continue to rediscover the bob is long. Only one person has used it for years with conviction: Vogue boss Anna Wintour.

Bob Hairstyles: Versatile à la Rihanna

Of course, the bob is not a new trend, because it has come and gone for many years, but when a lady decides it is, it is always a highlight. Pop queen Rihanna, known for her many hair experiments, once opted for a classic bob, which she styled based on the occasion and type. Sometimes she would emphasize individual strands and place them on the face, then she would put back color accents and add sparkling highlights to the basic black shade of brown and gold. However, she gave us a special bob look with the bangs that fall loose to the straight cut bob.

Elegant Keira Knightley and Katie Holmes

There are times in life when women simply have to shed their long hair; cut freely. Also Katie Holmes and Keira Knightley. Katie Holmes, later married to Tom Cruise, first opted for a sleek, classic one-length, side-parted bob before adding a pony a little later. A hairstyle that made her shine and took away the “little girl look.” Although now she is wearing long hair again, we hope that this year she will also follow the bob trend.

The bob is made for Keira Knightley: the cut’s rounded contours and locks that fall gently over the face emphasize her impressively well-defined cheekbones. She also liked to experiment with her bob – she left it a little longer and styled it across her face, then shorter and more rounded.

Fancy a mushroom head? Agyness Deyn style model

Besides the bob, there is another trend this year that women can recommend. A little more unusual, but with a guaranteed wow factor: the mushroom head. Also seen at the Kilian Kerner Fashion Week show in Berlin, it’s not just men who like to remember the Beatles with their haircut. Style model Agyness Deyn already proved it: the mushroom head cut in deep black underlined her extraordinary style. But especially with this cut, it can be a bit more colorful, for example in a bright copper shade.

So, if you have been thinking about a change of type for a long time, make an appointment with the hairdresser you trust and decide on one of the spring 2013 trends!