Golpe de ola atrevida: ¡Desde allí por favor mar!

Bold wave stroke: From there please sea!

Surfer look

wantedon 04/25/2013 | 12:01 pm

The latest trend: salt sprays! No, this is not the equivalent of the well-known pepper spray, but the mane of a true surfer can be conjured with this tincture. Find out how you too can become a cool beach mermaid and not even have to feel the sand under your feet.


Nothing is as sexy as a seaside vacation: skin tans gently, hair dries in the wind, and hair color gently lightens in the sun. It feels comfortable, cool and malleable. Due to the salty air and sea water, it has acquired this slightly wavy quality, which one fondly remembers after the holidays and longs for it. This is now possible 24/7 at the push of a button. Because so-called salt sprays promise exactly this result!

In the same wavelength

And this is how it works: spray the salt spray on slightly damp hair and let it air dry. Repeat the process several times for more volume and knead repeatedly in small waves. The styling spray works with all hair types and colors. However, the look works better or more effectively with layered hair. The look can be refreshed over and over again throughout the day by massaging the spray into the hair again. If you use the salt spray, you should not blow-dry your hair either. This enhances the dull appearance and quickly makes the hair appear “greasy”, dull and brittle. With the popular ombré trend, the look naturally looks even more intense and actually appears to have been bathed in the sun.

Beach in sight!

Are the new salt sprays damaging your hair? On the other hand! Even if you are a little suspicious at first and think that sea salt is usually not necessarily relaxing for the hair structure. In addition to an oily compound, artificial salt sprays also contain particularly caring waxing substances and may even remove hair oils in the summer. An additional plus point is the UV protection contained in the spray, which prevents hair from drying out and is particularly useful in summer. Unlike a “real” day at sea, you don’t have to wash off the salt spray at night! So instead of going to a travel agency, go to a pharmacy or perfumery first. Because there you will find the special sprays of brands like Toni & Guy, Got2B, Lush or Philip B. Happy holidays!