Abucheos en las semifinales

Boos in the semifinals

Can a semi-final be called a semi-final if no one is sent off? The creators of “Popstars – You and me” doesn’t seem to care. At the end of yesterday’s show, the trembling candidates stood on stage with the jury and moderators, awaiting the decision.

Only one thing was revealed: Nik and Elif are in. After the joy of the two, the scandal continued. Moderators Giovanni Zarrella and Charlotte Engelhardt announced: “We have a surprise for you: no one will be expelled today. Now you can decide in the next 46 hours if Dagmara and Daniel or Leo and Vanessa will go ahead! ” That did not allow the audience to sit down and a concert of loud whistles began. The boos continued to the end and Charlotte Engelhardt yelled: “Then we will cover ourselves.” Therefore, ProSieben still has 46 hours to earn money from phone calls.

What did you think of the pop star semifinals? And what do you think of the decision to postpone viewers and candidates until Thursday?

You can find out who sang which song here: Popstars – the semi-finals. With Girl.dand you can find out which oneType of casting you are!