Bosch Smart Home: esta es la estrategia para 2020

Bosch Smart Home: this is the strategy for 2020

Bosch Smart Home: this is the strategy for 2020

One of the biggest obstacles to using smart home products on your own four walls is the fear of the golden cage. Am I getting too many devices from one manufacturer, and ultimately they are not compatible with other systems? Am I tied to a product family forever because I may have already spent a small fortune on technology?

Bosch wants to allay this fear by keeping Bosch Smart Home open to other systems. Cooperation with Philips Hue is one example, the new interface for Apple Home Kit is another. Bosch completes this strategy with a developer program and the establishment or purchase of new companies. Regardless of the Bosch mothership, they create fast and agile solutions.

The mobile alarm and hazard detection system

The product of one such startup is Spexor, a mobile alarm system for your own home, car, vacation apartment, or mobile home. Spexor’s Marko Häckel explains the benefits of the device, which detects theft or theft of a car with noise, air pressure and motion sensors. In the future, the additional sensors will also detect toxic gases such as carbon monoxide. The system is 100% compatible with Bosch Smart Home products and therefore seamlessly integrates into the portfolio.

More stages, fewer products

In addition to the commissioning developments, Bosch will also show its own products, such as the new room thermostat at the fair. It’s nice to see that the variety of products is still manageable. Bosch Smart Home focuses primarily on security and heating or indoor climate solutions. They don’t want to communicate about individual products, but rather focus on user scenarios and the right solutions, says Delpeuch.

within the digital shots of this ball. We will source various Bosch Smart Home products from the security and burglary protection areas as well as the indoor heating and climate area. These will be combined into entry-level, standard, and high-end packages. Next, test reports and experience reports are created according to a tiered price. Our editors test the solutions at home in everyday use so that we can make realistic statements about whether Bosch Smart Home products really deliver what they promise.