En pocas palabras: la tendencia de las celebridades para los peinados cortos

Bottom line: the celebrity trend for short hairstyles

Bottom line: the celebrity trend for short hairstyles

wantedthe 04/16/2013 | 11:03

Stars like Audrey Tautou, Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson or Lena Gercke have proven it: short hairstyles are in fashion, they are extravagant and extraordinarily beautiful. Anyone who goes for a short hairstyle shows courage and self-confidence. Find out more about how you can style the trend look and let yourself be convinced.

For most women, a long, lush whale mane has always been the epitome of femininity and sex appeal. But there are quite a few good reasons why the bold switch from long to short may be the right decision for women. It’s true that cutting your hair, especially if you’ve always had long hair, takes a lot of effort. Therefore, this step should be carefully considered beforehand. But once your hair is short, you will not regret it anytime soon, because you will find numerous hairstyle options that you may not have expected before. Depending on the occasion and the mood, you can gel your hair back, straighten it, curl it, or transform it into a fluffy style out of bed. We will introduce you to the most beautiful ways that you can style short hairstyles.

Wet look, like taken from the sea

Short hair that is strictly gelled back radiates something mysterious. The face is absolutely in the foreground and enjoys all the attention. Anyone who wants to underline the androgynous look relies on a completely natural makeup. For those who like more striking, emphasizing the eyes or lips in rich shades of color is a good option. You can easily achieve the wet look, like fresh out of the sea, with the help of a gel and spray for especially shiny wet hair. It is important that you apply the gel evenly and shape it with a comb.

Fresh color accents put you in a good mood

Especially with short hair, you can trust yourself a little more when it comes to color and give it a try. Platinum blonde hair or pink accents create a sassy look that seems edgy and extravagant. And the best part: if the color doesn’t appeal to you, it doesn’t take long until the color has fully grown back. The bold colors in the hair go particularly well with the boyish short hairstyles that are heavily graduated. With this trend, hair can be bent and shaped in the desired direction, especially with glitter and hair powders.

Curls that sway

The short tousled curls look particularly casual and sassy. Whether it’s tiny corkscrew curls or glamorous 1920s-style water waves, whatever you want is allowed. For a perfect tousled mane, it is advisable to first apply a head of mousse to the hair and then fix it with a spray, this gives a lot of volume to the look. Water ripples are best completed with a shimmering shine and shape.

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