Spotify: la música sin conexión pronto también estará disponible para usuarios gratuitos, pero con una restricción

Bra, it sounds familiar to you from the streaming charts

Spotify: offline music will soon be available to free users too, but with a restriction

Capital Bra dominates the streaming charts in Germany almost alone. Only those who are by your side can be as successful.

Capital Bra divides minds. On the one hand, tens of millions of fans, on the other hand, legitimate critics. Music is a matter of individual taste, as the current Spotify streaming charts show. Capital Bra suits most people’s tastes. Or at least your audience really likes to broadcast.

According to Spotify, “Capi” is the most-played artist in Germany in 2019, followed by his permanent feature Samra. And the artists of ranks 3, 4 and 5 also represent the same genre of music. Hiphop and rap have been the most important youth culture in America for many years and are now firmly established in Germany.

German rap dominates the streaming world

The artists with the most streams hardly differ from last year, only the order has changed. A similar image for the most played songs. At the top is Apache 207 with a scooter, closely followed by Juju and Henning May with Missing. Fourth and fifth places went to Capital Bra and Samra with Wieder Lila and Tilidin. Dance Monkey landed in the middle.

Most streamed artists in Germany

1. Capital Bra2. Samra3. RAF Camora 4. Against K5. Bonez MC

Top songs Germany

1. Scooter – Apache 2072. Missing – Henning May, Juju3. Dance Monkey – Tones and I4. Purple again – Capital Bra, Samra5. Tilidin – Capital Bra, Samra

Most played albums in Germany

1. CB6 – Capital Bra2. Berlin lives 2 – Capital Bra, Samra3. YA HERO YA MERO – MERO4. Plato – Apache 2075. WAVE – Ufo361

It is not surprising. The most streamed albums also lack other styles of music.