Brad Pitt se lesionó la cara en una caída

Brad Pitt injured his face in a fall

Brad Pitt injured his face in a fall

Despite the wound on my face

wantedthe 04/27/2015 | 16:31

Brad Pitt doesn’t just look like a true hero in his movies. Although the actor injured his face in a fall, he insisted on performing in person at a benefit concert.

When Brad Pitt took the stage last Saturday at the “Light Up the Blues” concert in Hollywood, the audience was astonished, because under the left eye of the “Benjamin Button” actor there was a blood red wound that could not be overlooked. But before rumors of the injury spread, a spokesperson for Brad Pitt provided an explanation for the injury shortly afterward.

Brad Pitt does a trick every now and then in real life

Brad Pitt is said to have suffered the minor injury at home, because apparently the actor does a lot of stunts not only on screen. His spokesperson explained: “This is what happens when you try to go down the stairs in the dark with your arms tight and sandals on your feet.” Since Brad Pitt had no other choice, he had to stop the forward motion with his face.

Brad Pitt is generous

However, Brad Pitt wanted to appear personally at the benefit concert of the organization “Autism Speaks” despite the minor facial injury. The nonprofit organization’s mission is to investigate and combat autism. Brad Pitt was enthusiastic about the concert and the organization: “Wonderful people and I am honored to be part of this important event.” In order to raise funds for “Autism Speaks,” a Fender guitar was auctioned, and here the generous actor once again demonstrated why he didn’t want to miss out on visiting the event in person by turning the pages of the valuable instrument. a whopping $ 23,000.

Hollywood actors aren’t invulnerable either, as Bad Pitt has impressively demonstrated with his little stunt. So it’s even more understanding that Angelina Jolie’s generous husband appeared personally at the benefit concert despite the injury. Brad Pitt has shown once again that charity is a matter of the heart for him.

Image Source: Getty Iamges / Mark Davis