Brad Pitt es un amante de la naturaleza hasta la médula

Brad Pitt is a nature lover to the core

Brad Pitt is a nature lover through and through

Hot outdoors!

wantedon 10/17/2014 | 16:15

Although Brad Pitt recently married and is very happy with his extended family, the actor feels a great need for freedom. Not because your duties as a husband are too restrictive, but for a surprisingly different reason …

Brad Pitt is not only the heartthrob, but also one of the most successful actors of our time. However, it is incredibly important to him to take a break from time to time.the Hollywood star reports in an interview. From time to time he loves to be alone, but where does the father of six’s love of freedom come from?

Brad Pitt loves exploring nature on his motorcycle

It is so much anticipated: Brad Pitt is not far from everyday life with his wife Angelina Jolie and their group of childrenRather, the Oscar winner is interested in being able to escape media attention from time to time. Constant observation and lurking paparrazzi seem to annoy Brad Pitt at times. In an interview with “Details Magazin,” the movie star becomes unusually private. “My soul was stolen from the camera a long time ago.” Brad Pitt went on to say, “A definition of freedom for me is following one’s happiness without being observed, documented, and tested.”Brad Pitt prefers to explore nature alone

Despite his “stolen soul,” Brad Pitt learned to cope with constant media surveillance. His balance with everyday life is outdoor trips and preferably only on the motorcycle. To pursue his thirst for freedom, the Hollywood heartthrob has a concrete plan. “I always try to find some time by driving alone through each country I visit. From the Highlands of Scotland, through the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to central India. I haven’t finished my list for long. With my helmet on in LA traffic, I’m just another ass on the street. “, explains the actor to “Details Magazin”. There is a simple reason behind his solitary excursions: “I always feel more comfortable outdoors. I grew up near the Ozark Mountains. The forests, rivers, rocks, lakes and caves have had a lasting impact on me. “

It is absolutely understandable that Brad Pitt has a desire for freedom, in addition to all the hustle and bustle around him. It seems that the beautiful 50-year-old woman is a true lover of the outdoors. How nice!

Image Credit: Rick Diamond / Getty Images for Sony Pictures