Bradley Cooper: ¡Feliz cumpleaños!

Bradley Cooper: Happy birthday!

Bradley Cooper: Happy birthday!

Happy shirtless day!

wantedon 06/01/2015 | 10:21

Bradley Cooper has mastered the seductive look of the bedroom from the inside out. In public, however, the Hollywood heartthrob has so far preferred to wear a button-down tux, which in no way detracts from his sexiness. For the readers (inside!) Of “W Magazine,” Bradley Cooper added a shovel just in time for his 40th birthday and without further ado he went completely blank…

Bradley Cooper buckled

Hot, hotter, Bradley Cooper! Already dressed, the Hollywood star shows a more than passable figure. Whether in a minipli wig in the Oscar-winning “American Hustle”, in a loose casual look in “Hangover” or today like a good man from the 30s in “Serena” – Bradley Cooper attracts female film audiences like light attracts moths. Even the last hit of the 40-year-old shouldn’t change that.

For a series of photos from the February issue of “W Magazine” To the delight of readers, Bradley Cooper is now completely blank – and it was delivered without further ado. On January 5, Bradley Cooper celebrated his 40th birthday.

Bradley Cooper on her beauty

Bradley Cooper sexy as hell

While the movie star on the cover still wears white suit pants, but only wears suspenders on top, Bradley Cooper can be seen completely naked in the inside section of the magazine.. This is confirmed by the fiery images posted by “Gossipcenter” before the print edition appeared. Of course, his best piece is also covered in white canvas in these sexy photos, but that doesn’t change the fact that Bradley Cooper surprises us with his revealing shoot. After all, the 40-year-old didn’t always feel beautiful. “I was beautiful as a kid, but I never felt particularly manly and that plagued me for years.“, Quoted” Gossipcenter “from the interview with Bradley Cooper. “I was beautiful in the wrong way. I looked like a girl in my eyes!

Nice? Yes! It looks like a girl. No! What we see on the cover of “W Magazine” couldn’t be more masculine! Bradley Cooper should give himself more birthday presents. So we have some Hollywood hottie honor day.

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