Bradley Cooper: Se supone que Suki vive con su madre

Bradley Cooper: Suki is supposed to live with her mother

Bradley Cooper: Suki is supposed to live with her mother

Share a mother-in-law flat

wantedon 08/14/2014 | 15:59

Bradley Cooper seems to have a very loving streak. The 39-year-old is said to have found a place to stay in Los Angeles for his partner Suki Waterhouse. The funny thing is that it should not be just any accommodation for the 22-year-old model, but the British woman should soon live next to her mother Gloria …

Given that Bradley Cooper’s British friend is currently on a lot of Hollywood dates, it was obvious to the actor: Suki Waterhouse should start sharing a flat with her mother Gloria. If the idea of ​​wanting to curdle the 22-year-old with his mother is simply typical male pragmatism?

Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse are serious

An alleged informant told the “Sun” that the model and her future mother-in-law would understand it quite well and living together would not be a problemif the son himself were not there. How practical, because Bradley Cooper doesn’t necessarily have to take care of his 17-year-old girlfriend. It is understandable that Bradley Cooper is comforting to have his beautiful Suki in the care of his mother.

Bradley Cooper: Do you want to control Suki Waterhouse?

“Family sharing” also seems to be a common practice in the Waterhouse-Cooper family. should also In return, Bradley Cooper can also hide out with Suki Waterhouse’s family during his film-related stays in London. So while his British model climbs the career ladder in Los Angeles and keeps appointments, Bradley Cooper stays with his future in-laws. In any case, the house blessing seems anything but crooked, which would justify speculation about a possible marriage of the two stars. As an alleged source told the “Daily Star”, a wedding is being planned. However, the omniscient admitted, Bradley Cooper wanted to wait until he was 40. The next birthday hasn’t been long!

It is understandable for Bradley Cooper to allow his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse to stay at the Hotel Mama a useful measure. It’s questionable whether this constellation of friends and mothers-in-law can work well in the long run. It would not be the first time that relations with the in-laws have been broken.

Image Source: Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images