Bradley Cooper quiere hijos

Bradley Cooper wants children

Bradley Cooper wants children

Family planning

wantedon 09/29/2014 | 13:39

It’s hard to believe: Bradley Cooper will be celebrating his 40th birthday next January! So it’s no wonder that the Hollywood heartthrob, who has established himself at the A level of the dream factory in recent years, now wants to take the next step in his private life too. Bradley Cooper wants to become a father soon …

About a year and a half ago, Bradley Cooper found his great love in supermodel Suki Waterhouse. Since then, the two lovebirds have been among Hollywood’s most popular dream couples, with no end in sight yet. Rather, the former “Sexiest Man Alive” now seems ready for the next big step in his life. As Bradley Cooper revealed in an interview with Square Mile magazine, he hopes to start a family soon.

Bradley Cooper plans the next big part of his life

This announcement is not really surprising: After all, Bradley Cooper shows himself time and time again as a true family man. That is why the death of his father some time ago struck him to the core. “I would love to be a father one day. It makes me very sad that my dad is not there to meet his grandchildren, but I knew that being a father is something I look forward to. This is my next big step in life, ”revealed Bradley Cooper.

Bradley Cooper made his way through

Bradley Cooper mastered the last big step, the path to becoming an absolute superstar, with great success. The actor was able to win an Oscar nomination for his two films “Silver Linings” and “American Hustle.” But the 39-year-old is far from fed up with these successes; after all, he had to work hard for them. “I have fought for a long time and you never forget what you went through to get there in the end. Even with the success I’ve had, I still have to fight for roles that sometimes I don’t get either. So there is still enough uncertainty to keep you hungry, “said Bradley Cooper.With his 40th birthday approaching, it’s understandable that Bradley Cooper needs to think about his family planning. With Suki Waterhouse, the heartthrob seems to have the right partner by his side …Image Source: © Getty Images / Jason Merritt