Braidchains: el nuevo accesorio para tu cabello

Braidchains: the new accessory for your hair

So beautiful!

Last summer we adorned our braids with fantastic hair piercings, now a new accessory trend is conquering our heads: Braidchains! On Instagram you can currently see many beautiful images of braids in which filigree metal chains have been woven. We are sure: this is a hair trend that we will find often in 2017.

On the red carpet at the SAG Awards 2017, “The Crown” actress Vanessa Kirby charmed with a beautiful braided hairstyle in which her stylist had worked silver chains. With this look, celebrity stylist Adir Abergel is setting a trend that is currently taking the internet by storm.

Beautiful, right? We can’t get enough of this super cute hair accessory. Filigree chains bring your braided hairstyle to life and can be used for any occasion – this look is even totally suitable as a wedding hairstyle!

The stars wear braided chains

Not only does Vanessa Kirby fascinate with her extraordinary hair accessories, other stars have also discovered the chain braid trend for themselves – Kristen Stewart wore a similar hairstyle during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon:

And actress Jessica Biel also had her stylist Adir adorned with chains of gold braids:

Braidchains: how to use them correctly

There is nothing right or wrong about this trend. But to put the cute accessories in the spotlight, you need to pay attention to a few details:

1. Wear metal filigree chains; otherwise the braided hairstyle might be too heavy.

2. Don’t use too many chains, they could snag quickly, but enough to create an extraordinary look.

3. Wear matching jewelry.

You can now buy the original Adir Abergel braided chains from the Lelet NY online store.

Have fun remodeling this great look!

By the way: not only can you turn the cute braided chains into braided braids, you can also use them to spice up a regular ponytail!

Image source: istock / patronestaff

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