Peinados de novia: medio abiertos, ¡muy bien!

Bridal hairstyles: half open, great!

Bridal hairstyles: half open, great!

Wedding hairstyle

Half-open bridal hairstyles? The perfect middle ground between a strict updo and a fully open whale mane! If you, as a bride-to-be, are looking for that wedding hairstyle, read our styling tips here on how to create the half-open wedding hairstyle. In our image gallery you can also see some examples that you can take to the hairdresser before your wedding as inspiration:

Half Open Bridal Hairstyles – There Are These Options

Wearing medium hair as a wedding hairstyle is classic, elegant and modern at the same time. Wearing parted wedding hairstyles allows you to have a wide variety of styles. Because even if the hairstyle per se always has the same element, that is, a section of hair collected on the head, this detail and the rest of the open hair of the wedding hairstyle can be individually styled again. For example like this:

# Loosely with straight hair

If you want your half-open wedding hairstyle to look as simple as possible, use it, for example, straight, but not too precise. To do this, take individual strands at the top of your head and pin them together with some bobby pins. If the hairpins have some small flowers or rhinestones, the wedding hairstyle looks festive, but very subtle. For example, a bridal bob hairstyle can be beautifully styled.


Another idea for a wedding hairstyle that is half open would be an elaborate braided hairstyle that does not have all the hair braided. For example, you can only braid your top hair or put two strands braided back from your forehead. If you design the wedding hairstyle with flowers, it will get great hippie charm.

Wearing the half-open wedding hairstyle makes such a work of art possible, for example.

# Tied to the side

Instead of having your hair centered at the back of your head, you can wear a half-open wedding hairstyle to the side. To do this, the hair is combed to the side and fastened with bobby pins and bobby pins so that it is on the side. Also, the relaxed waves on the beach look pretty, for example.

# With veil or headband

Half-open hair can also be perfectly combined as a wedding hairstyle with the typical bridal accessories, that is, with a veil and a diadem. Because the hair is attached to the head with a kind of partial hairstyle, it can be worked with a veil so that it does not come off. You can also set the crown well in the middle of the hair.

# With curls

Not only straight hair can be gathered half open as a wedding hairstyle. The cool curls can also be worn half folded together. The best thing to do here is to let a professional do the work so that each individual curl fits perfectly and creates an overall harmonious and voluminous image.

Your hairstyle is already there, but you still don’t know where the wedding should take place? People have already married in these crazy places. Get inspired.

Which half-open wedding hairstyle of the mentioned variants would you like the most? Have you already married with that hairstyle? Show us a photo of your great wedding hairstyle in the comments!

Image Sources: iStock / ruslanshramko, iStock / malyugin

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