Dama de honor Bibi: Con esta acción enfada a todas las novias

Bridesmaid Bibi: With this action she angers all the brides

Bridesmaid Bibi: With this action she angers all the brides

Why is Maren wearing the ring on the right?

At first there was a lot of confusion among the fans, because Mary’s new ring sees hers Thomas sabo Confusingly similar to the ring she received from her lover for Valentine’s Day. Maren also wears the ring on her right hand, traditionally engagement rings are worn on the left. But Maren has the perfect explanation for it. It was recently cut, leaving a slightly thicker scar on the left ring finder that hurts when the ring sits on it. But she absolutely wants to wear the piece of jewelry on the left and is forcing herself to do so, she is so proud of her commitment! He also revealed that he has only grown since the engagement!

Interview with Mary M.

Of course, the two of them want to share their joy and they immediately called many friends and family and told them about Tobi’s proposal. Bibi from Bibi’s Beauty Palace was also informed directly on the mobile phone and of course she was very happy for her friend Maren:

Tobi and Maren have promised that they want to follow their wedding and all the preparations for their fans with the camera. Regardless of whether it’s the right place, the best food, or Mary’s wedding dress, they both want to shoot video! By the way, the event should increase next year. We congratulate you on the engagement and look forward to the wedding!

PS: Maren Merkel will then become Maren Wolf: she wants to take Tobi’s last name and she is already practicing the perfect signature!