Bridgit en GIRLS

Bridgit at GIRLS

Bridgit at GIRLS

Bridgit Mendler has released her first own album “Hello my name is” in Germany! In the interview you can learn more about the young actress and singer!

We asked Bridgit Mendler about her preferences for food, beauty, and entertainment. You can see the full interview here:

When it comes to food, we’ve found that Bridgit likes to eat mint chocolate chip ice cream, prefers a tasty burger to a salad, and prefers popcorn to fries.

We also wanted to know Bridgit’s preferences when it comes to hair and makeup. She likes curly hair, subtle makeup with mascara, and prefers lipstick to lip gloss.

Bridgit loves high heels and also likes to wear leggings with them.

Bridgit likes to spend her free time on a girls’ night or with a nice romantic movie. She admits that she is more of a television addict than a sports fanatic.

Bridgit also tells us that she is a morning person and loves to sing and act alike.

Check out the full interview in our video! Have fun!