Brie Larson celebra salvajemente con Leonardo DiCaprio

Brie Larson celebrates wildly with Leonardo DiCaprio

Brie Larson celebrates wildly with Leonardo DiCaprio

Oscar party

Brie Larson did it! She rose to the top with the Oscar for her performance as best leading actress. After the awards ceremony, though, he first went to the after-show party with Leonardo DiCaprio – there, the newly crowned Academy Award winners apparently let him pass.

After six nominations, Leonardo DiCaprio was finally able to hold the gold trophy in his hands on Sunday night. Reason enough to truly celebrate the long-awaited victory. As a party ally, no one was more suitable than Brie Larson: After the awards ceremony, the 26-year-old stripped off her blue Gucci tunic and pink tunic and was apparently ready for the night of her life. As the British Daily Mail reports, after the official after-party for the Oscars show, the so-called Govenors Ball, the duo moved on with colleague Jennifer Lawrence, who also has the golden boy at home.

The party cycle was complemented by Sofia Vergara, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, who already celebrated with models Kate Upton and Miranda Kerr. According to the report, they went to the annual Vanity Fair party at the Wallis Annenberg Center together. There, celebrities apparently pressed the handle, because “The Revenant” star Leonardo DiCaprio met music legend Elton John there. In addition, according to the “Daily Mail”, Emily Ratajkowski, Kate Hudson, Naomi Campbell and many other greats of the show were also present.

Brie Larson: a dream come true

Brie Larson smiled all over the place that night after winning the coveted Oscar trophy for her role in “Room” on the first try. In it she plays a mother who is kidnapped with her son and kept in a confined space with the child for years.

Brie Larson not only charmed the jury, but also us with her talent. We are excited to see what else we will see from the actress!

Image Source: Getty Images / Christopher Polk