Britney Spears: ¡Se acerca un nuevo video musical!

Britney Spears: A new music video is coming!

Britney Spears: A new music video is coming!

“Make me (Oooh)”

Daniel Schmidton 06/03/2016 | 16:55

As a solo artist, Britney Spears has calmed down a bit: since the beginning of 2014 she has been on the Las Vegas stage for her permanent show “Piece of Me”, and it will continue until Christmas 2016. However, there should be new material soon. the singer, including the music video.

Fans can wait: Britney Spears is back! The 34-year-old is not only working on new songs, there will even soon be a new music video from and with the pop star. The singer has now posted a snapshot on Instagram that recalls her best moments from “I’m A Slave For You.” In the photo titled “Day One: Check,” the sassy blonde not only wears a hint of nothing, she’s also surrounded by an entire group of handsome, semi-naked men.

This is apparently a snapshot from the filming of their new music video. At least the new short interview, the “E! News “with Britney Spears also published this Friday: They were allowed to come to see the set exclusively, as it is called. “Make Me (Oooh)” is the title of the single, whose music video is currently working under the direction of director David LaChapelle. The collaboration with G-Eazy is, according to the celebrity portal, the first song on Britney’s next album.

Britney awaits the release of new music.

“It’s very exciting,” says Britney Spears in an interview with “E! News “. And he also reveals about his new album: “I’ve been working on this project for a year and a half or almost two, so it means a lot to me. It’s my baby. ” What will fans expect from the ninth studio album? “It’s a bit melodic, less pop. It’s a bit loose. Very easy “, says the interpreter of” Piece of Me “. The single and video for “Make Me (Oooh)” must agree with “E! News ”will be published in July.

We can’t wait to finally hear new Britney Spears songs again! And we can’t wait to see the video, which is apparently extremely sexy.

Image Source: GettyImages / David Becker

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