Britney Spears: selfie en bikini caliente

Britney Spears: Hot Bikini Selfie

Britney Spears: Hot Bikini Selfie


Christina Cascinoon 03/21/2016 | 11:26

Woohoo! Britney Spears hasn’t looked like this in a long time – the singer posted a super hot bikini selfie on her Instagram account.

With her photo, Britney Spears not only puts you in the mood for spring, but she also looks just as well-trained and slim as she hasn’t been in a long time. “Just relax a little,” the singer wrote about the fiery image, in which she is lying in a yellow bikini in front of a pool and the sun is shining on her stomach.

Britney Spears is very proud of her body, because she has never been so slim and fit as now. The mother-of-two has been subjected to a strict diet and fitness regimen in recent weeks to get her body in shape for her Las Vegas show, with which she has long had great success. Needless to say, the singer regularly shows off her dream body with hot photos on the web.

Britney Spears as a cover model

Recently Britney Spears was also a cover model for the American “V Magazine”. Here, too, the blonde was sexier than ever. The American had tried several times in the past to be particularly erotic. However, she did not always act with taste and flair, which is why her efforts repeatedly ridiculed her.

Britney Spears is clearly proud of her body, and with good reason. We hadn’t seen the singer so well trained and slim in a long time.

Image Source: GettyImages / Jason Merritt