Coloración del cabello castaño: el tono perfecto para tu cutis

Brown hair coloring: the perfect shade for your complexion

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Hazel brown, chocolate brown, or reddish brown. If you want to dye your hair brown, you have many options to choose from. What color best suits your complexion? Here you can find out how to dye your hair brown and what to keep in mind with pre-colored hair.

What shade of brown suits me?

There are shades of brown like the sand of the sea. You can decide which one suits you best. Do you wonder how you know? The best way to orient yourself is by the color of your skin and your eyes. The brown color palette is very diverse and the range of hair color products is wide. With the right color, you can accentuate your eyes even more and complement your complexion perfectly.

A short haircut also looks very stylish with a brown hue.

These colors are suitable for women with dark skin:

  • Hazelnut brown
  • candy
  • golden brown
  • Red brown
  • Caramel brown
  • Noisette

These colors are suitable for fair-skinned women:

  • Chocolate coffee
  • Dark brown
  • Dark brown
  • Mocha
  • dark mahogany

Warm brown tones go very well with green or brown eyes. Blue or gray eyes come to life with cool shades like espresso.

Do you want to finally find the hair color that perfectly suits your eyes and skin? You can find out in our test.

What hair color do I have?

With a dye, first test if you like the color.

Dye your hair from blonde to brown

You will get the best coloring result if you have naturally light or blonde hair and then color the desired shade of brown. Blonde hair is always easy to dye and is better at accepting color. That said, you should choose your color very carefully, as it will be very intense on the blonde. However, with dyed blonde hair it can happen that you get an unsightly green shade if you want to dye your hair brown. When blonde and brown hair pigments overlap, a shade of green is often created. So if your blonde hair has a green tint after coloring, you can easily remove it with the right means. For this, a complementary color is used, which neutralizes the tone.

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Dyeing hair from red to brown

If you’ve had red hair for a while, at some point you’ll be ready for a new color. I know this too well myself, as I have colored many shades of red over the years. Now I am using my natural brown shade again. If you want to dye your red hair brown, you should also know that it can unfortunately lead to an unsightly shade of color. A red tint often remains here after staining. It is very difficult to remove the red from the hair because it is the most intense hair pigment that is not so easy to wash off. Therefore, you should treat your hair with a color remover * or a cleansing shampoo * before coloring.

Dyeing your hair from black to brown

Anyone who is fed up with his black mane and wants to dye his black hair brown should know that this is also quite difficult. In order for you to see the difference, you must first lighten your dark hair a bit. This is very easy with a chemical brightener * or bleach. Make sure there are only a few levels of rinse. But if it is enough to give you a slight auburn shine, then you can also try it without a lightener by first trying to bleach your black hair, if it is not your natural hair color.

Video: you should keep this in mind when coloring your hair

Still not a professional in hair coloring? Then take another look at our tips in the video so nothing goes wrong.

For the more cautious: dye your hair brown

If you have never had brown hair and have little experience in hair coloring, I recommend coloring your hair first. A dye clears up faster and doesn’t stick as stubbornly as a hair color. It is gentler on the hair and less stressful. If you are still not sure what shade of brown looks really good on you or if you just want brown hair for a certain event, you should dye your hair brown. There is a wide selection of dyes similar to that of permanent hair dyes. So you don’t have to be content with fewer options and can spontaneously dye your hair. Just keep in mind that there may be a shade of color, depending on whether your hair structure was pre-colored or not.

Before coloring your hair, always keep in mind that the result will be different depending on the structure and color of the hair. Better to use a hair color remover beforehand and maintain it with a cure or conditioner. The healthier your hair, the more beautiful the color will be. Then nothing should go wrong. Have fun coloring your hair brown!