Navega de forma segura

Browse safely

Browse safely

1. Look closely

Looking for nice people? You will definitely find what you are looking for in the Mä community. But before revealing personal and private things, take a close look at the user’s profile and ask yourself: Who is messaging me here? What questions does the user ask me? The nickname is not always what you would suspect.

In no case trust too much and act if something seems strange to you: break contact and report the incident to the Editorial team.

Do not be persuaded and do not accept offers for a real meeting. Because: Would you invite someone to your home who you only know one profile of? Probably not….

2. No private data

Your private data is nobody’s business! If you post them on the Internet, for example on the forum, everyone can find this data and access it. In the Mä community you can use your Privacy settings declare that this data is not visible to anyone (not even “friends”!). If you want to give someone your real name, that’s fine, but yours. You should never give your last name, address, phone number, email address, etc.. Neither in the forum nor by private message.

3. Be careful with photos and videosWe try to keep the Mä community free from users looking for pornographic content. But since no community can be 100 percent monitored, you, as a single user, can do your part to keep the Mä community clean. That is why we ask you no nude photos (this also includes topless photos) or uploading photos of yourself in a bikini in which you are seen in a very sexy pose. Such photos and videos magically attract unwanted users.

Also, do not upload any photos that are not yours or your private surroundings. Movie images, celebrity photos and most of the photos on the net are Protected by copyright and it cannot be published without charge. Copyright violations are punishable by heavy fines. So if you are not sure if you can post the photo or video online, you’d better not touch it.

4. Report violationsIf you notice a forum post that targets harassment, insult, incitement to sexual acts or violence, please report the post to the editorial team of Mä You can find “Report Post” buttons. You can also write an email to [email protected] The same goes for blog posts, images, and videos.

If you are personally annoyed by a single user through a private message, please do not delete the messages under any circumstances, but forward them to the official user girl Follow. You can also copy the messages (+ attachment) and send them to [email protected] Send. We will then deal with the incident immediately, notify the user and, if necessary, block it.

Last but not least: Being vigilant and vigilant in the community doesn’t mean you have to panic every time you ask for friendship. If you follow the advice of the community and listen to your natural instincts, nothing can happen. Except you have a lot of fun and make a lot of friends in the Mä community.

We wish you lots of fun!

Your editorial team at Mä (User: Girl )