Notificaciones: el navegador Chrome pronto será menos molesto

Browser: better password protection in Google Chrome

Notifications: Chrome browser will soon be less annoying

Google has integrated a number of innovations into the Chrome browser that better protect users’ passwords against phishing and check them for data theft.

Google has given its own Chrome browser some exciting new features, which will particularly benefit users’ password protection. This includes live verification of your user data: “When you enter your credentials on a website, Chrome will now warn you if your username and password have been compromised if a website or application has been breached. It is recommended that you can change them wherever they have been used. “

Chrome reports data theft

What Google launched as an extension some time ago is now directly in the browser. Especially nowadays, username and password combinations appear publicly on the internet because the databases of large websites have landed on the internet. It is unfavorable for users if they use a certain combination with several Internet services at the same time.

Chrome better protects against phishing and reports on a registered Google account

Google is improving and expanding its anti-phishing features to better protect users from them. “We are now protecting your Google account password when you log into Chrome, even if syncing isn’t enabled. Also, this feature now works for any passwords you have saved in Chrome’s password manager. Hundreds of millions of other users will now benefit from the new warnings. “

Last but not least, Chrome clarifies which Google account is currently connected. A visually stunning screen is displayed as soon as passwords are entered. The basis for this was the statement “Lots of people share their computer or use multiple profiles.”