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Browser wars: Edge beats Firefox

Microsoft has a new browser, it is aggressively promoting it on its own platform and it works. The current loser is Mozilla’s Firefox.

At least on desktop devices, after a long period of time without changes, there is a new browser that now ranks second in terms of market share. For a long time, Firefox had a small but comfortable edge, but for a few months now, market shares have been steadily losing. Microsoft’s new Edge browser, on the other hand, seems to be getting more popular, the new Chromium base is being heavily promoted and it works. We reported on a campaign against Firefox in February.

Other browsers are only relevant on desktop devices

According to data from Netmarketshare, there was a recent move to second place, Edge jumped to 7.59% market share and Firefox fell to 7.19%. A small difference at the moment that, according to the trend, will soon have to be even greater.

Not much happens on mobile devices. Here, all browsers besides Chrome and Safari are basically completely irrelevant. So far, there is no Chromium-based mobile Edge either, which would then be much more interesting, especially compared to Google Chrome.

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