Bubble Tea: ¡Advertencia, tóxico!

Bubble Tea: Warning, toxic!

Bubble Tea: Warning, toxic!

Scientists at RWTH Aachen University examined nine samples of bubble tea balls. The terrifying result: Hazardous substances were in all spheres, suspected to increase the risk of cancer and cause allergies.

“We detected PCB-like substances in all samples, which greatly increases the risk of developing cancer,” said Manfred Möller from Aachen University Hospital. “Rheinische Mail”. The ingredients are “Styrene, acetophenone and brominated Substances that have no place in food “.

Bubble tea is an absolutely modern trend, but also controversial: tea not only contains many Caloriesbut can also be used for Dangerous little children as they inhale the globules and choke on them. Therefore, the Ministry of Consumer Protection asks Warning notice in bubble tea.

What do you say? Do you drink bubble tea regularly or are you suspicious of the trend?

Update: The TWTH report is now controversial. The North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of Consumer Protection has shown in its own study that none of the hazardous ingredients could be found in the samples.

Not exactly low calorie, but at least No Our bubble tea recipes are dangerous for your health!

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