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You had to be patient for a long time after we told you that we had planned something new… a new project, a new adventure. And now the time has finally come!

Starting today, November 1, 2018, this new adventure begins, which we hope to live with as many of you as possible.

Our new website, which includes all the new associated social media channels, is now online: www.bucketlistplan.de

Do not hesitate to follow us on all channels so that you can be part of it from the beginning! We want to inspire you, lead you and encourage you to participate!

#bucketlistplan represents our very personal wish list with room for 1000 adventures.

We want to live crazy, fun, romantic, adventurous and emotional adventures with you!

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You are allowed to participate from the beginning and your experiences under the #Bucketlistplan hashtag share with us and the community. You have permission to proposals Submit your request for our wish list and vote on which items should end up on our wish list.

We look forward to this great adventure with you! And especially the many little ones that make it up!

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If you want more information, take a look www.bucketlistplan.de around!

There you can also find our Bucket list, on which there are currently 50 points.

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And if you want to have everything explained to you visually, take a look at our first # bucketlistplan video in our new YouTube channel to.

And don’t forget to take this opportunity to subscribe directly to our channel! =)

We look forward to this exciting, emotional, and fun time with you!

Thank you for existing!

All the best,

your Mari and your Micha

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