GNTM: ese es el finalista más popular

Bullying at GNTM

It’s no secret that a lot of girls can be bad. What boys tend to clarify with their fists, women regulate with words. And these can get pretty bad at times. In this year’s GNTM season there are three girls who, in addition to modeling, can also count on a supreme discipline among their talents: profanity. If the person in question stands by and can hear your comments, that seems to be more than indifferent to them. The newly founded “Gucci Gang” It is made up of Motztante Sally and the very good friends Zoe and Victoria. If that’s not a dream team …

“Gucci Gang” intimidates the candidate

The right people have definitely found themselves in this corridor. After all, it is Sally, Zoe and Victoria not exactly about innocent lambs. It’s no wonder then that the three of them soon found a victim to take out. And if there is no real reason, make up one! The scapegoat: his campaign partner Abigail. The candidate, who is sad about the decision of the last casting, but lets the others do it. Or have we misunderstood it? “Of course it’s stupid that it didn’t work. Especially since they are both very similar to my type (…) But I still allow them, simply because they did a great job ”.

This girl is bullied at a bus stop, what happens then is wonderful!

But Sally didn’t feel like the truth: I am of the opinion that I have heard that Abi does not allow Juliana and Toni because they are the same type. Um… yeah! For all of you who have been wondering how to cleverly put lies in the world, here you go, this is how it works! And of course, Abigail hears all the bad words of the trio. A few hours later, the howl is great. He just can’t take it anymore, Abigail tells the camera crew. That is by no means harmless. It’s intimidation, in front of the camera. The problem: none of the three girls shows remorse. It would be better to add one more: saying that you really have more important things in your life than Abigail’s well-being. Oh! That’s. Even with us.