Samsung de todas las personas es uno de los fabricantes más confiables cuando se trata de actualizaciones de Android

Bundesliga in portrait format: DFL test 9:16 broadcast

Samsung of all people is one of the most trusted manufacturers when it comes to Android updates.

Bundesliga soon at 9:16 instead of 16: 9? The first tests are running, the DFL is filming the first games for mobile devices in portrait format.

The horizontal widescreen display has been established for us for decades. Regardless of whether it is a TV, laptop or infotainment in the car, 16: 9 and the like are the modern standard. However, with new devices, this will change dramatically in the long run as well. A smartphone is generally used in an upright position, and therefore in reverse format. The image is taller than it is wide. Exciting from many points of view.

Instagram, Snapchat and company have made use of this fact and have become very successful in just a few years. But when and how do the classical media react? A few days ago, the DFL produced a Bundesliga match for the first time in portrait format at 9:16. “The 9:16 format is primarily designed for use on smartphones and on social media. For the first time, the DFL has carried out tests to optimize the production of a Bundesliga game for users of social networks ”.

Bundesliga in portrait format instead of landscape

No new technology is required for this, the DFL simply rotates existing cameras and displays. Only the people behind the cameras have to adjust to the new image while working. They are satisfied with the first test, but initially the images produced are only evaluated internally.

“While the audience in front of the screens did not notice any changes, five additional cameras were used in the stadium for the 9:16 production. These professional broadcast cameras were tilted using special tripods so that the best quality results could be achieved. The monitors were also rotated 90 degrees in a separate control room. With this technical setup, the high quality standard of the DFL could also be guaranteed in 9:16, and even in Ultra HD.

I am definitely an advocate that content can be individually tailored to respective needs. A television is used today and in the future in landscape format. For me, however, nothing speaks against if the smartphone is also used for portrait photography or filming.