La TV paga gana: Sky salva a la Bundesliga de Internet

Bundesliga: More games on free TV streaming in the future?

Although more payment providers will fight for the Bundesliga broadcasting rights, more games will be seen on free TV in the future.

The new Bundesliga season starts in a few weeks, and the first match of the second half can even be watched on TV for free. However, some of these free streams are just a matter of additional deals, typically almost all Bundesliga games currently are only played by paid providers. Sky and DAZN are currently broadcasting the Bundesliga, only Sky also on cable and satellite. In any case, according to DFL boss Christian Seifert, more games will be available for free in the future, via TV connection and streaming.

Bundesliga – Currently almost only available for a fee

In the current Bild am Sonntag, according to n-tv, the current head of DFL reveals his plans and wishes for the next rights period, which will be auctioned later this year. Starting in the 2021/2022 season, there will be more Bundesliga games on TV for free. Seifert clearly said that the number of free TV games will be higher in the next bidding for broadcast rights. Bidding for the next rights period will begin this spring. We look forward to offers from Sky, Amazon and DAZN.

We are very excited to see how the rights will be distributed in the years to come. Like in the Champions League or in the future with a total of three providers?

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