La TV paga gana: Sky salva a la Bundesliga de Internet

Bundesliga: Too many unreasonable subscriptions: Sky as a savior for all?

Pay TV wins: Sky saves Internet Bundesliga

Sky, DAZN, Amazon and the Bundesliga. New record values ​​are expected in the next broadcast rights award. For necessary income and subscriptions.

While users of movie and series streaming services can freely choose their taste, this is not so easy with soccer. A soccer team doesn’t always play at the same time for an entire season. And then weekend after weekend, it depends on whether the viewer has the correct subscription or all the necessary subscriptions. Most of the games run on Sky and only a few on DAZN / Eurosport, but that currently only applies to the Bundesliga. In other competitions it seems more drastic today and in the future.

Too many subscriptions are not reasonable – there are still reasonable votes

Basically, the heads of the German soccer league would like to prevent the next rights issue from breaking down further. In any case, the current DFL boss sees it this way: “If you need three subscriptions to fully consume the Bundesliga, that would put a lot of pressure on the bearable threshold from our point of view.” However, this alone is not decisive for the operation of the broadcast rights auctions and the packages offered. The Cartel Office also calls for an open auction for many bidders.

Sky: Is there more money in the coffers again?

Sky had recently suffered a setback. Sky Deutschland will likely no longer show any Champions League matches from the 2021/2022 season. Instead, Amazon and DAZN have upped their respective bets. At the same time, this means, conversely, that Sky would have to have more money for the Bundesliga. This is exactly what Bundesliga executives expect. Sky could now dig into its pockets and with even less competition secure a new record for broadcast rights revenue. Likewise, the 2nd Bundesliga could again be interesting for Sky to maintain the attractiveness of pay TV offers.

Amazon also wants to bid for the Bundesliga

In the contest for the broadcasting rights of the next years of the Bundesliga, which will take place this year, offers from Amazon are also expected. The American company wants to win more customers for Prime. For Amazon, sports rights are a means to an end, basically to win more customers for its own platforms. More consumption, more orders. That’s why Amazon could use a smaller package, like in the Champions League. The main thing is. However, the Bundesliga would also break down. Or even more. DAZN, Sky and Amazon, those would be the three dreaded subscriptions.

TV or internet

Furthermore, the transfer of rights is an important point regarding the reception route at the end customer. While Sky relies on satellite, cable, and streaming, DAZN and Amazon Prime Video have so far been exclusively available to private customers over the internet. It remains a sensitive subject in Germany, especially in rural areas; fails due to broadband.

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