Call by call and preselection: the end is near


Call by call? What else is there? of your Telekom connection. In the era of fixed rates for landlines, this procedure has been somewhat forgotten. And something else is important in this context.

Call by call – use it while you can

Saving by phone area code only works if you have your phone connection with Deutsche Telekom. But not if you have switched to a competitor like Vodafone, O2, 1 & 1, or a city network operator like M-Net or NetColonge. The background to this is that the regulation was intended to strengthen competition.

Call by Call was and is mainly interesting for all those who do not make flat rate calls. So if you pay a flat rate to make unlimited calls, that’s generally fine. However, as a general rule, only for calls to the German landline. If you want to make calls to mobile phones or abroad from your home phone, a Call by Call number can still be very useful today.

This is still possible in the future until at least the end of 2022, Deutsche Telekom and industry associations DVTM and VATM announced on Wednesday. The fixed preset of one call-by-call number, called a pre-selection in technical jargon, is in effect until December 31. After that, it probably should have ended. The agreement that has now been concluded allows “a ‘smooth’ exit from this market model with a long transition period, to which the market can adapt with customer-friendly alternatives,” says a press release.

The Federal Network Agency no longer sees a dominant position for Deutsche Telekom

Today, around 90 providers still provide their call-by-call and pre-screening services for low-cost rates abroad or on cellular networks. A few weeks ago, the Federal Network Agency subjected the voice telephony end-customer market to an examination and found that Deutsche Telekom no longer appears as a dominant company. Should a review by the EU Commission in Brussels lead to the same result, Telekom will no longer be obliged, among other things, to offer call-by-call or pre-screening.