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Calvin: Breakup Song

Nice, fit, unshaven

Well, Taylor, you are not the only one processing the pain of separation in the form of self-composed songs. According to, Calvin Harris made a song called “Olé” produced, which is about his exes. Interestingly, it should from Tom Hiddleston’s point of view be written. One line goes: “I see on the internet that you have started to be a good girl and you are traveling the world with your boyfriend. Be careful, keep pretending … ”

This passage becomes even clearer that the romance began before the official split with Calvin:“You hid my name on your phone so you could call me and tell me that you are going through hell. You left him alone and he booked you a hotel room. “

+ + This is how Taylor broke up + +

The newspaper “Sun”, who also first posted the kissing photos of Taylor Swift and her new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston, has now quoted a source close to the former couple as to how the split occurred. Taylor met Tom Hiddleston the day before the MET Gala on May 1 in New York at a dinner hosted by Vogue boss Anna Wintour. According to the source, Taylor was impressed by Tom because “There was a lot going on between Taylor and Calvin at the time.”

Tom also showed great interest in Taylor, the two traded numbers, but nothing else happened. A month later, Taylor separated from Calvin. allegedly over the phone while Calvin was recovering from his car accident. Not exactly fancy, dear Taylor! The source also revealed: “Nothing happened between the two of them until the deal with Calvin officially ended, but let’s just say Taylor wasn’t really heartbroken.”

Here is all the information on #Hiddleswift:

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are a couple

++ Clavin breaks his silence + +

Calvin has now posted a statement on Twitter: “The only truth here is that a relationship has come to an end and what is left is a great deal of love and respect.”