A partir de ahora, Google ya no vende teléfonos inteligentes de alta gama.

Cameras in comparison: Huawei P40 Pro, Google Pixel 4 and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (video)

As of now, Google no longer sells high-end smartphones.

In another comparison, the cameras of current flagship smartphones from Samsung, Huawei and Google compete with each other.

There are several smartphone manufacturers who would like to offer the best cameras on their high-end smartphones. This year, Samsung had made a big leap, at least on the spec sheet. But Huawei has also changed a lot with a new 50 MP camera sensor. Meanwhile, Google only offers last year’s Pixel 4, which has a very simple 12 MP camera sensor. The bottom line, however, is how crucial the software is to the quality of your recordings.

50, 108 and 12 MP: Smartphone Cameras Mix Today

I came across another video comparing Google’s smartphone to current flagship smartphones from the mentioned manufacturers. It is impressive, but not surprising, how well the Pixel 4 compares. Depending on the photo, it is difficult to say which of the cameras on offer has the best figure. But it could also be interesting to see if Google will make a big leap this year or keep the simplicity of recent years.

But just take a look at this interesting comparison for yourself: