Cameron Diaz no necesita curvas

Cameron Diaz doesn’t need curves

Cameron Diaz doesn't need curves

Plump neckline?

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In Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz’s new movie, things get really hot: in the comedy “Sex Tape,” it’s not just the on-screen love, played by Jason Segel and the attractive blonde, on display in front of the whole neighborhood. , but Cameron Diaz himself also reveals his naked facts …

Cameron Diaz really worked hard for the comedy movie “Sex Tape.” The 42-year-old has long been known for her revealing roles as “Schadenfreundin” or “Bad Teacher,” but in her current film she goes one step further: Cameron Diaz exposes himself to the camera alongside fellow actor Jason Segel. How does the former model handle intimate recordings?

Cameron Diaz stands next to her flat bust

Cameron Diaz is known for her laid back manners. The actress has the special gift of being sexy and seductive and at the same time being able to play the best friend with whom you have a beer from within. Was the Hollywood beauty so cool during the nude scenes in “Sex Tape,” or did star airs emerge that were believed to be hidden? Cameron Diaz, 42, doesn’t seem to have a problem showing off her bust.

Cameron Diaz is at peace with herself and her body

Cameron Diaz admitted on the online portal “” that not all women need a large bust to enter the A-League in Hollywood. After all, she is the best proof of it! Maybe your success is based on the fact that the Californian does not have Kim Kardashian curves, but an incredible charisma? Hollywood diva Cameron Diaz announced to the online magazine “” that she was completely satisfied with herself and her body. The fact that this satisfaction is bought from him immediately is probably due to his confident way of calling things by their names: during the interview with the online portal, Cameron Diaz did not beat around the bush and spoke: “My mother always said that the perfect breast fits in a bowl of champagne. I’m glad that mine has outgrown. And I am living proof that you can go this far. “

Cameron Diaz has every right to be proud of herself and her body. Precisely because the actress is not afraid to speak openly and freely about her body, she is and remains authentic.Image Source: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images