Cameron Diaz no tiene nada en contra de las cintas de sexo

Cameron Diaz has nothing against sex tapes

Cameron Diaz has nothing against sex tapes

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Cameron Diaz is currently enjoying great success with his new comedy “Sex Tape” and the sweet actress does not seem averse to hot movies …

What do you think your lover Benji Madden thinks? Cameron Diaz, in any case, seems to be quite permissive with sex. In her new movie “Sex Tape,” such an erotic home video turns into a shameful condemnation for her when she ignorantly sends it out to her entire circle of friends and family, but the 41-year-old probably has no fear of him in her life. private.

Cameron Diaz has nothing against sex tapes

“Sex tapes? Why not! “Cameron Diaz admitted openly and honestly in an interview with” Joy. ” So will Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden become video artists at home?

Cameron Diaz: Also in private in front of the camera?

Obviously, it is common practice in Hollywood to be filmed during an erotic interaction; After all, a private movie or two has already been released, but Cameron Diaz has never seen a movie like this. But that does not seem to mean that the blonde does not allow herself to be filmed from time to time during an erotic tête-à-tête with her lover Benji Madden. “If it feels good for the couple, why not?” Said refreshingly open Cameron Diaz to “Joy.”

With Cameron Diaz, we might well imagine that she is not necessarily averse to private sex tapes. The actress is so wonderfully open and doesn’t beat around the bush that you have to like her!Image Source: Alberto E. Rodríguez / Getty Images