Cameron Diaz elogia a Kate Upton

Cameron Diaz praises Kate Upton


wantedon 04/15/2014 | 11:36

When you think of Kate Upton, her chubby forms come to mind quite quickly. But her colleague Cameron Diaz now knows that there is much more to the beautiful blonde.

For the film “Die Schadenfreundinnen”, Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton were together in front of the camera and apparently they got along so well that now they are much more than colleagues. Even with the current promotional tour around the world, sparks literally fly between the two beauties, purely platonic of course. Cameron Diaz seems to have so foolishly eaten Kate Upton that in an interview with the British magazine “Hello!”, She cannot escape delirium about it.

Cameron Diaz doesn’t like cat fights

Especially since Kate is often reduced to her large bust size, the 41-year-old seems to go against the grain. “Kate is the best! And what’s behind her breasts is amazing! It’s amazing how smart and wise she is and how much she sees through it all. Just don’t miss a thing. Calculate very intelligently. It is like a bullet. She just responds and you think, ‘God bless you, you’re great,’ ”Cameron Diaz raved about his beautiful colleague in an interview.

Cameron Diaz doesn’t like competition

Cameron Diaz also got along with Leslie Mann, who also plays in “Die Schadenfreundinnen.” So their harmony on set was always particularly important, reports the beautiful American in an interview with “Hello!” “I hate competitions! I’m just not a competitive guy, I’m more the one who celebrates other people. I want everyone to be successful and I am especially happy with women when they are successful. I just don’t believe in envying other people for their beauty, talent, or opportunities. That’s not my thing, “says Cameron Diaz in an interview, quite atypical for Hollywood.

Cameron Diaz looks like a guy from head to toe. We can well imagine that you can have a lot of fun with her on set. How easy it would have to be if everyone had a part of Cameron Diaz in them. Image Source: ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP / Getty Images