Cameron Diaz: Tu amor se mete bajo la piel de Benji Madden

Cameron Diaz: Your love gets under the skin of Benji Madden

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Professionally, Cameron Diaz is not having an easy time right now. Although the sexy blonde’s films are still true box office hits, it seems she played her credit with critics last year. Cameron Diaz had to put up with several Golden Raspberries for his weekend productions. Fortunately, the private life of the Hollywood beauty is even more complete …

Cameron Diaz is on cloud nine

It is well known that private and professional happiness can often only be combined with great effort. Now Cameron Diaz also had this sad experience when she was the unwitting star of Golden Raspberry on Saturday – all the movies the actress had worked on in 2014 were on the nomination list – and Cameron Diaz himself was also available in three anti-award categories. After all, the crowd favorite couldn’t avoid the “Worst Actress” trophy.

Cameron Diaz should feel much better in private life. It’s not for nothing that Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden’s screen beauty seems to have finally found the man for life after several failed relationships. After the two of them had sniffed each other for several months, For Hollywood’s new dream couple, January 5 was ultimately the big day that Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden entered the port of marriage. Since then, the 42-year-old not only appears to be floating on cloud nine, but the singer’s love for his wives literally gets under his skin.

Cameron Diaz: Benji Madden gets a love tattoo

Cameron Diaz adorns Benji’s chest

As Benji Madden has revealed to his followers via Instagram, the rock star still had a later birthday present in store for his newlyweds: the 35-year-old’s already richly tattooed chest is now adorned with a very special inscription with the Cameron Diaz’s first name. The musician now always carries his beloved with him in ornate letters, although that does not seem necessary. After all, Benji Madden’s mind is with Cameron Diaz at all times, even without the love tattoo. “I think of you. # GlücklicherMann ”, commented the guitarist in his post on Instagram.One can only envy Cameron Diaz for this loving happiness. Golden raspberries are quickly forgotten. With such a man by your side, things will look better again soon.

Source of Image 1: © Getty Images / Theo Wargo Source of Image 2: © Instagram / benjaminmadden