Ich bin ein Star - Holt mich hier raus!

Camp in the jungle before the end? That’s what RTL says about it.

Ich bin ein Star - Holt mich hier raus!

“By Corona! The jungle camp is canceled. ” So yesterday’s headline Bild.de. This headline makes one thing unequivocally clear: Cockroaches and disgust have a broadcast hiatus in January 2021. But what is really behind it?

Since the summer there has been a debate that RTL should move its top-rated show, “I’m a Star Get Me Out of Here” from Australia to Europe. In Wales I should go to a kind of haunted castle. Background of the measure: Crown. Because RTL relies on a British TV station that uses the jungle camp for production. Its production usually takes place in autumn. RTL will take care of the equipment, the set and the games.

Now the British had decided to stay on the island this year due to the pandemic. So RTL would have taken over the set again. This time, not on the other side of the world, but in Wales.

RTL denies canceling the jungle camp, but …

But that also now seems to be history. However, the jungle camp shouldn’t completely fail, as RTL made clear on its homepage and on Twitter. RTL boss Jörg Graf speaks in plain text in a statement posted on rtl.de. “Dear friends of the cockroaches, the jungle has not been canceled, there will also be a jungle show in 2021. The current situation of the coronavirus forces us to work on the concept every day to do it safely for everyone involved.”

He confirmed that production would not take place in Wales. “That is why we are planning an exciting new IBES show with Sonja and Daniel in Germany. The public can expect a great show in January ”.

Currently, more precise information on how and where production should take place in Germany is not clear. However, a rejection seems, at least according to the current state, off the table. But we’ll probably have to do without Dr. Bob and the rangers, unless RTL brings them in for cult purposes.

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