Campamento en la jungla: Indira está enamorada

Camp in the jungle: Indira is in love

Camp in the jungle: Indira is in love

Jungle Camp 2011

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After a clarifying conversation between Indira and her sister, Indira is in love. Have you played with your feelings?

Love in the jungle camp: a picture of happy days

In the jungle camp, Indira Weis and Jay Khan’s love story probably came to a quick end. After Indira was eliminated, there was a clarifying conversation between Indira and her sister. And not just a tear flowed from the singer.

Millions of people have followed Indira and Jay’s love story for 14 days and wondered if real feelings or pure calculation were involved. RTL repeatedly showed scenes that made viewers doubt a true love. But apparently Indira was not even aware of what the spectator was seeing. After voting and saying goodbye to Jay, his sister was waiting at the hotel. The joy of seeing each other again was great, but then the shock came for Indira.

After Indira told her sister that she and Jay were in love and that time will tell what will come, her sister opened her eyes. She talked about Jay’s directorial assignment and the looks at the camera as Indira and Jay kissed by the pond. Indira’s sister made it clear, calm and serene, that the public believed in a production.

The former resident of the jungle camp sobs: “Somehow I enjoyed every second and every minute with him. And it hurts when you have to imagine that he only did it for the show and that I’m really not important to him as a person. “He adds:” It is not a pleasant feeling when someone plays with you.

It’s still exciting to see how jungle lovers Indira and Jay will continue. It remains to be seen if there really is a future together. But at the moment it seems pretty bad.

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