¿Puedo convertirme en modelo?

Can I become a model?

Can I become a model?

Mädchen.de: What are the requirements as a model?

models m! to: There are many prerequisites for working as a model. External characteristics such as a special charisma, beauty and a tall slim figure are essential. In general, 174cm women have a real chance, but the ideal size for female models is 180cm now. The ability to change is also important for a career. Makeup artists should be able to apply makeup to the model’s face in a very individual and multifaceted way. In addition to appearance, a budding model must bring discipline, patience, stamina, health, and a desire to get up.

Model test: will you be a top model?

Mädchen.de: How old does a girl have to be if she wants to model?

models m! to: The average age of onset for girls is between 16 and 18 years old.

Mädchen.de: Do you need parental consent if you are under 18?

Yes, in this case the agency needs the consent of the parents.

Mädchen.de: What should the “app” look like?

models m! to: We prefer possible models to be applied online in advance on our home page. Photos, contact details, height, and measurements are very important here. The images should be a natural portrait, a bikini photo and a laughing portrait. And they all have to be without makeup, we have to see the girls in person! If we are interested as an agency, we will contact the applicant and invite her personally.

Become a model: tips and tricks

Mädchen.de: Do you really have to be ultra-slim as a model?

models m! to: No, of course you shouldn’t be hungry. But to be able to work internationally, you can have a maximum hip circumference of 90cm (measured at the thickest point from your butt). Of course, it is also important that the body is well toned or firm and possibly lightly trained.

Mädchen.de: If you approach him on the street, how do you recognize a serious explorer?

models m! to: First of all, we would like to say that well-known casting agencies and models almost never look for models in newspaper advertisements. They have professional model scouts who approach the girls on the street, but then invite them for a free, professional session. As soon as you have to pay for the shoot or set card, you can assume it is a dubious agency. That is why we urgently discourage so-called “casting associations” or “model clubs”. Here the “models” usually have to pay an annual fee up front and are “allowed” to attend nonsensical seminars. Photos always end up in a database that cannot be used. In addition, many dubious agencies play on the illusions of the girls and promise them that tomorrow they will be rich and famous. A well-known agency tells applicants directly to their faces whether something will work with their careers or not. And very, very important: If someone ends up in a session where they are supposed to undress and it is not a previously discussed erotic or masculine magazine, say unequivocally “no” and leave the studio as soon as possible. !

Mädchen.de: What exactly is the difference between a beauty model, advertisement, catalog or catwalk?

models m! to: In general, you cannot separate them because a successful model should work in each area. We don’t have girls who only work for beauty or only for catwalks.

Mädchen.de: Can modeling be reconciled with school?

models m! to: We have a lot of girls who only model during the holidays. However, if you want to work internationally, it’s honestly very difficult to keep going to school.

Mädchen.de: What does a model earn on average?

models m! to: You start at around 500 euros a day, for editorial fashion spreads it is sometimes a little less. Depending on the professional experience, this can increase from 750 to 2250 euros per day for advertising shots. There are no maximum limits depending on the consistency and level of knowledge of the model, as well as the size of the campaign.

Mädchen.de: How realistic is the possibility of starting your career as an international model?

models m! to: If the conditions are right and the model has a lot of discipline and your agency develops it well, then the chances are not bad. But there is a lot of competition, especially in the Baltic region.

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