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Can you cancel your contracts in the future?

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A new contract can be concluded in just a few clicks, but canceling it is often a lot more complicated these days. That should change in the future.

Today, a contract is signed fairly quickly; a few clicks may be enough, especially online. After all, there has been a bit more clarity for a couple of years before placing a paid order. A last corresponding button with this label must be given to make an order on the Internet. Regardless of whether it is a simple one-time purchase or a subscription or forward contract. Terminations should also be easier in the future; improvements for consumers are essential here.

On the one hand, there is the much shorter extension of the contracts. Often providers reach a maximum of 12 full months; in the future, an automatic extension could be as short as three months. At least that’s what politicians and consumer advocates are asking for. At the same time, there is a rescission in the claim sheet, which works as easily online as the conclusion of a contract. Anyone who can click on a contract should be able to click easily.

Will we soon get out of contracts faster?

Confirming an incoming termination should work just as well. For example by email. Often, one can easily conclude contracts online. However, termination requires a registered letter by post and confirmation usually takes a long time. A written confirmation by email with the termination letter attached should, according to the Green politician, be mandatory at best in the future.

In any case, we should all agree that today’s contracts need some changes.