Cancelar Verdi, así es como funciona

Cancel Verdi, this is how it works

Cancel Verdi, this is how it works

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If you no longer want to be a Verdi member, you can easily cancel your membership. In this post we explain what you should pay special attention to.

There may be many reasons why you want to quit the union. Learn how to submit your resignation here. You can also find one here free template for your letter of resignation.

Do you want to reorient yourself professionally? These jobs would be worth considering:

Take a look at the bylaws

Verdi is a workers’ union with around two million members. If you are toying with a termination, you should take a look at the bylaws. In § twenty-one of the statutes are Termination options written. You should consider these points when canceling:

  • Verdi’s statutes provide for one in most cases Three-month notification period until the end of each quarter In front. This means that you only have the opportunity to cancel your Verdi membership four times a year on March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31.
  • Alternatively, you can cancel at Verdi if you’re in the meantime Member of another DGB union they have become. Membership is only canceled when Verdi receives adequate evidence in the form of a certificate of membership.
  • There is also the somewhat less likely alternative that your membership will bring you excluded at Verdi if you have previously acted against the statutes.
  • Membership ends in Death automatically.

If you have become a job seeker and therefore want to be fired, you can provide proof of the unemployment change the membership fee to the minimum fee of 2.50 euros and continue to benefit from the benefits of a services union.

If you are not sure how to write your resignation letter, you can search for service providers like free templates. Also, these providers take care of the termination for a small amount of money, if you want to do without the stress. Otherwise, you can give notice of termination. personally hand it over to Verdi in your district or alternatively by post Send. In the case of cancellation by postal mail, it is advisable to send the cancellation by certified mail with acknowledgment of receipt.