¡El cannabis es realmente tan dañino para ti!

Cannabis is really so harmful to you!

Cannabis is really that harmful to you!

Why is cannabis so dangerous and harmful?

Regina Papst, social worker, says: The younger the users, the more sensitive they are to cannabis and the greater the risk to the health of brain development. If teens regularly “smoke marijuana,” the brain cannot fully develop. “ The addiction expert further explains that when cannabis is consumed, the active ingredient THC blocks the areas of the brain that are responsible for processing sensory stimuli and other perceptions: “Of course, this influences the development of the following skills: memory, learning, communication, thinking and judgment, recognition of connections, drawing logical conclusions, spatial imagination, perception of the past, present and future. We need all these skills to develop our personality and make decisions on our own responsibility. “ Short-term memory can also be affected.

However, the much worse side effects of cannabis abuse are Psychosis, including schizophrenia and of course addiction. As the body gets used to the active ingredient, it needs increasing amounts to achieve the same feeling of intoxication. This in turn increases consumption and side effects. “Very often young adults who use cannabis come to us with symptoms such as apathy, anxiety and panic attacks and psychosis”, Regina Pope says.

In addition to physical and psychological deficiencies, there is also the fact that Possession, cultivation and illegal trade in cannabis it is. This also applies to small amounts. If the police catch you, this will lead to a complaint and legal consequences. The value of the penalty depends on how large the amount is. Parents and teachers are also informed and, in addition to possible social schedules, this can even create a problem if you later want to obtain a driver’s license.

How long can cannabis use be detected?

It all depends on how it is tested. It becomes a Once a blood test is done, cannabis can be detected for up to three days. However, if urine or hair is examined, things look different. Since cannabis is stored in the fatty tissue of the body, it takes a long time to break down completely. Therefore, THC remains in the urine for up to three weeks. still detectable, even longer in hair. Here it can take up to three months before the active ingredient can no longer be determined.

How can I tell if my friends are using cannabis?

It’s not always that easy, according to Regina Papst. Long-term use can be a sign of apathy, especially in relation to past hobbies, sports, or activities. In addition to this lack of drive, poor concentration, bad mood and irritability, as well as sluggish behavior, are often signs of cannabis use. However, the behavior varies from person to person. That’s why it’s a good idea to talk to someone if you suspect that a friend might use marijuana, advises the social worker.

How do I behave if my clique is “marijuana”?

When you find yourself in a situation where friends, acquaintances, or even strangers offer a joint for the first time, you are certainly flustered at first. So it is important to be able to say “no” first. This gives you time to think, get information, and brainstorm with people you know. There is often a fear that friends will not understand you and as a result the friendship will be lost. Sometimes it helps to talk to friends about it. Very often it turns out that most friends have similar thoughts “Regina Pope explains. However, if this question comes up repeatedly, Ms. Papst recommends contacting adults. It could be parents, teachers, or a counseling center for addicts. In either case, it is important to have the feeling that you do not have to deal with the situation on your own.