"Capitán Marvel" Reloaded: esta escena fuera "X-Men: Fénix oscuro" desencadena la próxima tormenta de mierda

"Captain Marvel" Reloaded: this scene out "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" Trigger the next shit storm

"Captain Marvel" Reloaded: this scene out "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" Trigger the next shit storm

Just in time for today’s theatrical release of the new movie “X-Men,” numerous users are already scaling the barricades online. The reason: a scene reminiscent of “Captain Marvel” and that already caused a sensation in the Marvel blockbuster.

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It wasn’t long ago that “Captain Marvel” hit theaters and sparked a heated debate about women in movies and in the movie business, in which lead actress Brie Larson was also involved, for example regarding journalists predominantly male they work with. found on press tours. In the end, however, the film was well received and was also a huge success (it grossed more than $ 1.127 billion). Does it bode well for “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”? The latest and final chapter in the mutant saga as we know it begins in German cinemas today, and a shit storm is brewing here too with a similar undertone. The reason for this is the following scene from the movie:

Is it time for the X-Women?

After 20 movies, it was time for the first solo movie about a heroine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so why not with the X-Men? With “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” he’s now walking the same path, which is no secret on Fox. Quite the contrary: Raven’s (Jennifer Lawrence) reference to her foster brother and mentor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) is clear. : Given that women do most of the work, although he himself would not have risked anything for a long time, it would be time to change the name of the X-Men to X-Women.

The “fans” react with indignation

Regardless of how much Raven may be right about her statement, fans aren’t exactly thrilled to have such an obviously nose-tied message. Although the film is only now being released in theaters, numerous users can already be found on social platforms such as Twitter about that scene.

“If you change the name from the X-Men to X-Women, I’ll go crazy, I swear.”, for example, the user types Charismatic_MH. parthasa writes, however, that women would eventually destroy each other while doing so Frank He’s upset and wonders if Asian, Black, or Hispanic X-Men should soon get their own names. Some other users just talk to a gif:

It remains to be seen if the debate over female superheroes after “Captain Marvel” with “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” really moves into the next round and how well the story about Jean Gray (Sophie Turner) will be received in the coming weeks. . . As of June 6, 2019, you can find the latest film in the mutant saga in German cinemas and form your own opinion about it.

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