Cara Delevingne: Entrevista abortada causa sensación

Cara Delevingne: aborted interview causes sensation

Cara Delevingne: aborted interview causes sensation

Embarrassing interview

wantedon 07/30/2015 | 14:07

As a model who is currently making the leap to becoming an actress, Cara Delevingne is used to giving interviews. But the “Margo’s Footsteps” star probably wasn’t expecting a conversation like the one on the American morning show “Good Day Sacramento.” After several unpleasant exchanges between her and the moderators, the station interrupted the conversation without further ado. The horror interview that followed caused a sensation, especially online.

As an actress, your job doesn’t end with filming. As soon as the movie is finished and ready to hit the big screens, there are long promotional tours, during which one interview follows the next. Although Cara Delevingne is still at the beginning of her acting career, as a celebrity model, she should already have enough experience dealing with journalists. The interview with the American morning show “Good Day Sacramento” got totally out of hand. Was Cara Delevingne tired and energetic or were the moderators to blame?

Was Cara Delevingne in a bad mood during the interview?

Anyone who has seen Cara Delevingne in an interview knows that the supermodel has her own head and, above all, hers. own sense of humor – Have. When she went live to speak with the crew of three presenters from the “Good Morning Sacramento” program, the actress, who was supposed to talk about her first starring role in the movie “Margo’s Footsteps,” was particularly sarcastic. But that was for a not inconsiderable part of the moderators, who went from one false step to another, starting with the fact that they introduced the 22-year-old as “Carla Delevingne.” Were the scathing responses a receipt that the Americans hadn’t done their homework?

Cara Delevingne defends herself on Twitter

When asked if, as a busy model, she even found time to read John Green’s book, on which the movie “Margo’s Footsteps” is based, Cara, who was already a bit upset, sarcastically replied that she hadn’t read the book or the script: “I improvised.” The Sacramento moderators don’t get the fun and ask Cara Delevingne why she’s not as excited as she was at the start of the promo tour. The actress blames her in the wee hours of the morning, but after the uninspiring questions continue, the one that is above all lack of preparation on the part of the interviewer show, passive-aggressive responses also become clearer. When it becomes clear that this conversation is no longer green, the moderators break with the words “So we let you go, how about a nap or a Red Bull?” go – and keep gossiping as soon as Cara Delevingne has been kicked off the circuit. While some Internet users describe the actress’s behavior as unprofessional, most others agree that the fault lies in the bad questioning. After Cara Delevingne defended herself on Twitter with the words “Some people just don’t understand sarcasm or British humor,” she gained support from her fans. Among other things, fellow actor Zach Braff wrote that he was “condescending [sei]ask an actress if she had read the book ”.

A little preparation should be involved if you have the opportunity to interview a top model and a shooting star actor like Cara Delevingne. Even if you want to promote your movie, as an actor you don’t have to put up with it all!

Image Source: Juan Naharro Gimenez / Getty Images