Cara Delevingne: ¿Se muere de hambre por el éxito?

Cara Delevingne: Are you starving for success?

Cara Delevingne: Are you starving for success?

No more catwalk?

wantedon 05/24/2015 | 08:45

At just 22 years old, Cara Delevingne managed to belong to the A-League of supermodels. On the runway and in commercials, the young talent shines and maintains the appearance of a glamorous model life. Cara Delevingne now confessed in an interview that things are very different behind the scenes. The much discussed anorexia also played a role …

The bitter reality is that not everything is always what it seems; Several examples of this can be found in Hollywood, because especially with the beautiful and rich, a strong wind often blows behind the scenes when it comes to maintaining the image. Top model Cara Delevingne also knows the pressure of always having to look perfect on the outside and the desire to be able to make her own dreams come true. In an interview with “The Wall Street Journal”, Cara Delevingne put the cards on the table and confessed what it really is like when all the cameras are off.

Cara Delevingne now goes her own way

Never before have fans and viewers seen how difficult it can be in the modeling business like Cara Delevingne has. Find clear words for the golden cage in which she has been sitting since the beginning of her career: “It is terrible to live in a world where you get calls from someone who says:“ Someone told me that you did a lot celebrated and it seemed so. And that you have to lose weight “. It makes me very angry. If you don’t want to hire me, don’t hire me ”, complains Cara Delevingne according to the magazine“ OK! “In an interview. The topic of food seems to dominate the all-rounder, because as “The Wall Street Journal” reports, not only should he have asked for a lot during the conversation with the reporter in a restaurant, the following words should have crossed his lips: “I’m so hungry I’ll have to cry right away ”, so the“ OK! ”magazine. Does that sound like a happy young woman?

Cara Delevingne is not just a model

With all the pressure Cara Delevingne faces every day, the blonde only had one outing at some point – she is said to have told the newspaper that she wanted to finish her career, but then got a chance to start as an actress. In “Suicide Squad” and “Angel Eyes,” Cara Delevingne appears alongside the greatest in the acting industry in front of the camera. And now he’s going his own way, without constantly looking at calorie charts.

For Cara Delevingne, a new chapter begins in her life. It seems that British women want to break the rules imposed by others. As an actress, she was able to land her first roles, so we think Cara Delevingne knows exactly what she wants and has that goal. If only there were more prominent ladies of this type …

Image Source: Getty Images / Mike Marsland