Cara Delevingne no pensaba que era bonita de niña

Cara Delevingne didn’t think she was pretty as a child

Cara Delevingne didn't think she was pretty as a child

Ugly Duckling

wanted04/29/2015 | 16:21

There is hardly another runway beauty that currently fits the concept of a top model like Cara Delevingne. Be it Burberry, Victoria’s Secret, Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana, hardly any brand can outwit the badass Brit right now. Cara Delevingne apparently didn’t have the best grades for such a career: As a child, the 22-year-old didn’t think she was pretty at all.

For many young girls and budding runway beauties, Cara Delevingne is the great role model. This is not a surprise; after all, hardly any model is as big in business as the Londoner. But there’s another reason the fashion icon is a role model: By his own admission, a few years ago he probably didn’t have the natural beauty that makes him so unmistakable today. “I never thought that people would one day want me as a model. I was a very strange gremlin, a horrible looking girl ”, revealed Cara Delevingne to the online portal“ ”about her youth.

Cara Delevingne: Was it an ugly duckling?

Anyone who sees Cara Delevingne today can hardly believe that the SUV couldn’t have been one of the prettiest faces on the planet in the past. But there’s a simple explanation for this: As a child, today’s top model simply didn’t care about beauty, a way of thinking that she has partially preserved to this day. “I was a wild girl, a real tomboy. Beauty was not important to me and it still is by no means, ”said Cara Delevingne, explaining her peculiar attitude towards the modeling business.

Cara Delevingne: individuality is the key to success

Despite all the adversities, Cara Delevingne managed to scale the Olympic model, for which she mainly blames her great individuality. After all, the Englishwoman with her distinctive eyebrows and unusual aura doesn’t necessarily fit the current model scheme. For this reason, Cara Delevingne also wants to encourage her fans, mostly very young, to stay true to themselves. “I hope I can influence young people and teach them that it is important and necessary to preserve their own individuality. You can admire people and let them guide you, but you should never imitate them ”, clarified the shooting star.

Cara Delevingne was an ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan; We don’t believe this story entirely for the British beauty. Even if it gives value to many people …Image Source: © Getty Images / Ethan Miller