Cara Delevingne tira completamente en blanco

Cara Delevingne strip completely blank

Much hot

wantedthe 22/08/2014 | 13:02

The one on the right must be Cara Delevingne’s chocolate side. For star designer Tom Ford’s ‘Black Orchid’ perfume ad campaign, the high-flying model shows that it is not without good reason that it is the most popular export Britain has to offer at the moment.

Cara Delevingne for Tom Ford

Whether it’s her distinctive eyebrows or her incomparable tomboy style, Cara Delevingne has long conquered the fashion world. But the British beauty is not only crazy, she can also be sexy and cool. For the new ad campaign for Tom Ford’s classic fragrance “Black Orchid,” Cara Delevingne is shown from a side that we otherwise rarely see. The 22-year-old not only appears completely without a shell, but also appears very vulnerable and delicate in the recordings. So absolutely feminine and seductive Cara Delevingne introduces herself to only a few.

Cara Delevingne naked in the water

Cara Delevingne for Tom Ford

Cara Delevingne does not wear clothes in the spherical mood for Tom Ford perfume, instead she lies in black water adorned with purple orchid flowersthat more or less hides the most intimate parts. Cara Delevingne looks into the camera with a lewd and slightly defiant gaze and once again demonstrates her absolute versatility. While the British Otherwise she seems quite rabid and wild, here she is emotionally and incredibly sensitive..

Cara Delevingne is not without good reason the most sought after model at the moment. Wild, crazy and strange or vulnerable and very seductive: Cara Delevingne seems to dominate everything with her left hand. We like! Image Source: Instagram / CaraDelevingne