Cara Delevingne: ¿Demasiadas bebidas?

Cara Delevingne: Too many drinks?

Cara Delevingne: Too many drinks?


wantedon 03/09/2014 | 17:27

She proves that you can have a lot of fun with Cara Delevingne almost every day on her Instagram account and again and again at events. Yesterday’s “GQ Men of the Year Awards” in London took the strange model as an opportunity to get him back on track. After all, you are only young once!

We all know her: the type of woman who knows how to attract attention. The one who wants to draw attention to herself and is always a little out of it. Cara Delevingne is also such a woman. The 22-year-old model likes to provoke, whether it’s through semi-nude photos on Instagram or crazy actions at events. Also at this year’s “GQ Men of the Year Awards”, which took place last night at the Royal Opera House in London, Cara Delevingne was completely out of control again. Did you have too many drinks?

Cara Delevingne was clearly in a good mood on the red carpet

Cara Delevingne appeared on the red carpet with a “touch of nothing”: high-waisted black boxer shorts under a see-through dress adorned with embroidery. Noble, wavy hair, deep red lipstick, and copper-colored eye makeup complete the overall picture. But as graceful as the top model looked, Cara Delevingne behaved throughout the evening. With a palette in her mouth, she first posed for photographers on her own, then joined the crowd and photographed with Pharrell Williams and Daisy Lowe, for example.

Cara Delevingne partied until she fell

When Cara Delevingne met designer Jonathan Saunders at the bar, reports from “” said the classy attitude had suddenly ended. In high spirits, the supermodel fell around the 37-year-old man’s neck and apparently had such momentum that she knocked them both to the ground. The British woman then leaned back and, according to eyewitness reports, broke her legs as Jonathan Saunders lay on top of her and could barely contain her laughter.

Only she knows if a few pre-party drinks or just her exuberant nature were responsible for Cara Delevingne’s hilarious performance. One thing is for sure: if you want to give your event a little boost, you must get Cara Delevingne’s number!

Image Source: Getty Images / Anthony Harvey