Carl Philip de Suecia y Sofia Hellqvist son una pareja perfectamente normal

Carl Philip from Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist are a perfectly normal couple

To the earth

wantedon 07/23/2014 | 13:03

With their wedding message, Carl Philip from Sweden and his fiancee Sofia Hellqvist not only made the entire Swedish people happy, the former bikini model also arrived in the midst of the Swedish royal family. Above all, her down-to-earth attitude makes the future princess so popular …

Sofia Hellqvist is a bourgeois third person who marries a member of the Swedish royal family, along with physical trainer Daniel Westling and investment banker Chris O’Neill. Carl Philip from Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist have yet to announce their wedding date, but they have already announced it. Swedes are eager to welcome the fiancee of the beautiful prince of Sweden to their home court.

Carl Philip from Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist love their people

The Northern Lights are sure that Sofia Hellqvist is Carl Philip from Sweden.It does, after all, make the prince overjoyed and wherever the two lovebirds appear, smiling faces are inevitable. It’s no wonder that the Swedes have taken the sympathetic brunette firmly in their hearts, after all, Sofia Hellqvist has become From a former party girl to a down-to-earth prince’s wife. The 29-year-old spent a few days on the holiday island of Öland with her fiancé Carl Philip von Sweden.

Sweden’s Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist run charities

At a charity event in Öland, Carl Philip von Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist were now decidedly casual with an ungainly look, as shown by the photos from “”. While Sofia was wearing a sweater from her charity “Project Playground”, to which Carl Philip of Sweden officially belongs, the handsome prince also appeared in a shirt and shorts. “Prince and princess down to earth“,” “headlines about the happy couple who cheered on a” Project Playground “team at the” Gothia Cup “in Öland and mingled with the crowd at the event.

Since the announcement of their wedding, Carl Philip from Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist seem even more relaxed and happy. The Swedish royal family with all its down-to-earth members is a real family to fall in love with!

Image source: gettyimages / Luca Teuchmann