Carl Philip de Suecia: cómo le enganchó Sofía

Carl Philip from Sweden: how Sofia hooked him

Carl Philip from Sweden: how Sofia hooked him

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wantedon 07/26/2014 | 17:12

The Swedish people have long waited for the third son of the royal family, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, to find the wife of their dreams. Now this wish has finally come true. At the end of June, Carl Philip of Sweden announced his engagement to commoner Sofia Hellqvist. But how did the 29-year-old manage to catch Sweden’s most coveted singles?

In the summer of 2015 the time has come: Prince Carl Philip of Sweden appears with Sofia Hellqvist at the altar. The newly fiancé told the Swedish newspaper “DT” that the two met over lunch with friends and fell in love very quickly. But what exactly is it that fascinates Carl Philip from Sweden about the gorgeous brunette?

Carl Philip from Sweden: Su Sofia has impressive charisma

The Swedish press is currently speculating on how bourgeois Sofia Hellqvist managed to unite Carl Philip of Sweden with her. After all, the 35-year-old is one of the most coveted and attractive princes that European monarchies have to offer. A reporter for the tabloid “Svensk Damtidning” is raving about the former bikini model’s stunning charisma. The fact that Sofia Hellqvist walks in high heels “as if they were jogging shoes” also fascinates a Swedish journalist, according to “”, and certainly also Prince Carl Philip of Sweden.

Carl Philip from Sweden: Sofia’s charisma convinced him

The gap between the front teeth of the 1.60 meter high Swede is anything but a flaw. It gives Sofia Hellqvist’s face a special character and charm. Of course, it’s not just her looks that makes the 29-year-old score points with Prince Carl Philip of Sweden. Her simple manners and charming lightness would give Sofia Hellqvist a special charisma, which no one can resist, according to a journalist according to “”. Carl Philip from Sweden is certainly very impressed by his down-to-earth attitude.

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden has caught a dream woman who is not only beautiful, but also has stunning charisma. Who could resist such a woman? We are excited to see what news we will hear from Sweden’s new dream couple in the future. Unfortunately, we have to wait almost a year for the wedding of Carl Philip from Sweden and his Sofia.

Image Source: Getty Images / Luca Teuchmann